Los Angeles to Boston Running Relay Launched

A 3300 mile non-stop running relay will leave Los Angeles next month, bound for Boston.  The epic event is being organized thousands of miles away by a trio of running enthusiasts from the UK who wanted to show their support for Boston following the tragic events of April 15.

One Run For Boston starts from Venice Beach, LA, at 10am on Friday 7 June and is scheduled to reach Boston just over three weeks later at 8pm on Sunday 30 June.  Hundreds of runners from across the USA will keep the relay going non-stop around the clock through fourteen different states and four separate time zones, passing a specially designed baton between them.  Supporters will be able to follow their progress online thanks to a GPS tracking device fitted to the baton which will update its location every 15 minutes. 

The three friends from England who are the driving force behind the relay are Kate Treleaven, Danny Bent and Jamie Hay. 

“When the news from Boston reached us on April 15, we were completely stunned” said Danny Bent. “It took a little while to digest what had happened, but we each reacted in exactly the same way - we just knew we had to do something.”

The trio are no strangers to organising epic fundraising events.  Past efforts include a 9000 mile bike ride from London to India and an 8000 mile non-stop running relay around the British Isles which took eight weeks and involved 2000 runners. 

"One Run For Boston is a chance for runners to come together and show solidarity in a really dynamic way” said Kate Treleaven.  “It’s a chance to be part of something remarkable, to demonstrate the strength of human spirit and send a powerful message of support to the city of Boston and those whose lives were changed on April 15.” 

By collecting donations from each of the participating runners, the relay is raising money for The One Fund Boston, set up by the Mayor of Boston to assist the victims and families most seriously affected by the bombings.  The One Run For Boston team have recently confirmed that donations made by runners who sign up to run in Oklahoma will be donated to the Disaster Relief Fund set up in the wake of this week’s devastating tornado.

The relay will travel through the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and finally, Massachusetts.  The 3300 mile route has been divided into 319 separate stages.  Most of the stages are around ten miles with a few as long as 26 miles and some group stages in the big cities just five miles.  Runners can sign up to run a stage via the One Run For Boston Website (www.onerunforboston.org).  So far over 200 runners have already signed up to run.    

"Arizona, New Mexico and Texas are our main priority at the moment” explained Jamie Hay.  “We’re doing our best to reach out to runners where take up hasn’t been quite so good.  Perhaps we’ll find a running club or college team who fancy a road trip and could knock out a whole day’s worth of stages between them?  If we could make that happen, it would be awesome.”

Danny and Kate will be flying out to LA to deliver the baton to the first group of runners on Friday 7 June.  From there they will drive the route, following the relay all the way to Boston, posting daily updates from the roadside and running the occasional stage.  Jamie will continue to co-ordinate from the UK before flying out to join the duo for the final few days.  

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